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Posted by Equestrian New South Wales on 03/09/2014.


Equestrian Australia (EA) announced today that it was delaying the implementation of the Hendra Vaccination By-Law. Having been involved in the review process, Equestrian NSW (ENSW) strongly supports EA’s decision and endorses the leadership shown by the National Board and its Chairman in working towards a membership driven solution for the sport.

ENSW remains committed to the implementation of a simple and practical Hendra By-Law which protects our members, their horses and the public. We also welcome EA’s statement that the By-Law will be continuously improved, so will be an active participant in the review process.

ENSW also re-affirms its position, supported by Government agencies and scientific research, that vaccination is the best way to prevent Hendra. Accordingly, ENSW supports and encourages event organisers who have or intend to make their competitions Hendra Vaccinated Events.

If you need further information about this, please email me at [email protected] or call 9920 2660.


Chief Executive Officer Equestrian NSW

Ph: 02 9620 2660 Mob: 0417 244 593 Email: [email protected]

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