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Posted by Sue Hartog on 09/05/2016.

JNSW High Performance Squads

JNSW are pleased to announce the 2016 High Performance Squads. 


The Jumping NSW High Performance Squads are an opportunity for athletes to be recognised for their talent and to assist riders in reaching their full potential.  Athletes will be invited to participate in training and education programs to aid in the development of their equestrian skills.  There is also the chance for riders to be selected to represent Team NSW.

Applicants will be considered for selection based on meeting a number of criteria as outlined below:

  1. Applicants already selected for the equivalent National Squad will have automatic inclusion
  2. Performances achieved in the previous 12 months
  3. Eligibility


To be eligible for selection an athlete must:

  • Be a current financial member of ENSW and JNSW
  • Must have completed and returned the signed Nomination and Riders Agreement forms
  • Be available to attend Squad program events. Squad members must attend at least one JNSW organised squad clinic before they can be considered for NSW team representation.
All inquiries to:                              ANNETTE MAUNDER 0427 654 111 or [email protected] 
Please return completed EOI forms to: katr[email protected] OR by post to Jumping NSW PO Box 118 CAMDEN NSW 2570

For more information click here: JNSW HP SQUADS 2016.pdf

Senior Squad

Clint Beresford

Jono Berry

Brooke Campbell

Stephen Dingwall

Aaron Hadlow

James Hetherington

Savanna Hopkinson

Andrew Inglis

Alyssa Mathers

Rod McQueen

Coco Miles

Emily Riley

Vicki Roycroft

Kelly Slater

Sharon Slater

Jess Spence

Jess Stalling

Rhys Stones

Young Rider Squad

Valentina Aliprandi

Eliana Dery

Coco Dulhunty

Savanna Hopkinson

Cade Hunter

Riley MacKillop

Stephanie MacKillop

Emily Mann

Maverick Miles

Jessie O'Connell

Mitchell Peulic

Jamie Priestley

Jock Rice-Ward

Madeline Sinderberry

Laura Sloey

Junior Squad

Valentina Aliprandi

Bradley Arnold-Crooks

Lucy Evans

Millie Fisher

Savanna Hoopkinson

Cade Hunter

Charlie Kinder

Riley MacKillop

Natalie Mohr

Jamie Priestley

Jessie Rice-Ward

Jock Rice-Ward

Madeline Sidnerberry

Congratulatons to all of the squad riders.

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